Inspiring Participant Stories

Inspiring Participant Stories

Inspiring Stories - Avtar Bhatia (Ropar, Punjab)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I love RUNNING ,GYMING, BODYBUILDING, Swimming, Cycling , am a fitness addict. I wake up 4am everyday to simply head out and Run while the world sleeps.Running 5 to 10km every day.At least 10 times distance of 30 km

Running really makes me feel alive. I've come down from 125 kgs body weight to 80 kgs. And I lift heavier and run faster & longer, I'm getting only better everyday.It's always me vs me n that's the reason i Run. To see how far i go !

I've participated in 68th overall official events (only in 16 months) Running Has Changed My Life . All My Health Problems Have Been Resolved . I Find Myself Stronger Physically & Mentaly . I Have Many Friends All Around The Country With Whom I Enjoy Running . I Started Running at The Age of 30 & Was Never into Running Earlier . I Smile , Laugh & Enjoy Every Bit of My Life . If I Can Run , Then Anyone Can Run. Thanks India Runner to inspire us to achieve our goals.

Inspiring Stories - Ravindra G Rajput (Pune)

Inspiring Participant Stories

Glad to share Ravindra Rajput’s Running journey from non-runner to Ambassador & Fitness icon in nation.

Ravindra-A runner by heart ,who consistently motivates his family , friends & company colleagues to take up healthy lifestyle. Within two years he had participated in 100+ Marathons and Cyclothon for various Nobel causes. He earned many records in his name.

We are proud , he is promoting healthy life style in younger generation. Herewith attached few snaps of his journey.

My healthy Thanks to India Runner team & Naveen Sir for Promoting the Monthly challenge & making india Run, Healthy india

Inspiring Stories - Abhijit Roy (Thane)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I was a brisk walker earlier which supported me to maintain my body weight at a particular number but that number was always on the higher side.

I then decided to get onto marathoning and started participating in various marathons happening across the city of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. But eventually that was not all because these events used to take place only on Sunday’s and not much difference was being witnessed.

Then on google I came across India Runner and the way they conduct monthly challenges. In reality I found out that this is the actual platform given by India Runner to have a healthy competition between various runners and running enthusiasts PAN India. This motivated me to take up the challenge and prove my mettle and by the end of the month the results of June 2019 under the 5 KMs are self explanatory.

My weight used to stand at 84-86 kgs but after I competed the monthly challenge successfully I found a reducing weight of 78 kgs and still counting.

I am deeply motivated with the accociation with India Runner and look forward for much more.

Inspiring Stories - Gaurav Sharma (Yamuna Nagar)

Inspiring Participant Stories

Overall physical improvement. 13.4 kg weight loss. Weight on 1 Jan 2018- 86.8 kg, Weight on 31 Dec. 2018 73.4 Kg.

Special thanks to India Runners to motivate me in achieving my goal towards healthy life.

Inspiring Stories - Baljeet (Solan, Himachal Pradesh)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I m Baljeet Singh reduced 13kg with take challenge with India Runner. It's a good platform to motivate people. I m use cycle evary day for office 15km one side morning and evening twice in a day due to this effort and India runner Regularly challenges help to get achieve good health and reduce my weight easily. Thanks for India Runner to Motivate me

Inspiring Stories - Anushree Joshi (Thane)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I am Anushree Joshi. I feel stronger and feeling very nice. Changing my eating habits and timings too. Before that I feel very bulky but after that followed correct workouts and diet that's why I feel very fresh. Within 5.5 Months I lost 8kg fat and 8kg muscule gain. Run 10km, 21km marathon too. Before that I took 5km marathon in 51min but now 10km marathon in 72min. 15th June I did Stadium Run 14.62km in 2hrs. Tomarrow I participate in 6hrs Midnight Run.

Inspiring Stories - Piyush Kumar (Pune)

Inspiring Participant Stories

Great platform to challenge yourself every day. Lucky to be part of India Runner and thanks to Naveen for such a great initiative...

Inspiring Stories - Sushma Sharma (Mumbai)

Inspiring Participant Stories

INDIA RUNNER encourages & keeps motivated always for making me more sincere, & Disciplined towards walk & run which in turn keeps me healthy, refreshing, energetic, more fit & fine than before 👏👏

Inspiring Stories - Ambarish Joshi (Nagpur)

Inspiring Participant Stories

Thanks Naveen Jain and Team India Runner for encouraging me to take up a daily exercise activity.. You have turned a lazy bum like me into a person who is now looking forward to exercise daily to do the activity as a part of the monthly challenge / daily challenge.. I read about it and I found that it's ideal to follow a 21/90 principle.. if you follow some activity for 21 days then it becomes a habit and if u follow it for 90 days then it becomes a lifestyle..

It's great fun to record activity, upload it on your website and check the leaderboard to find out where u stand at the end of the day/week or month.. it's challenging, motivating n fun.. thanks again..

Inspiring Stories - Asha Bhandarkar (Mumbai)

Inspiring Participant Stories

My story begins with my realisation, BE YOUR OWN INSPIRATION & MOTIVATE YOURSELF. This realization came to me at 63 ..., after which i pulled up my socks n started to RUN. I COULDN'T 😢! So I started to WALK, then BRISK WALK, then JOG & at last to RUN (not that I'm a great runner today; my mileage is pathetic). But this became possible ONLY AFTER I cleared away a few of those age old preconceived notions.

It goes like this: Our minds are conditioned to believe (more so in India) that after 50 we need to be careful, that our bones get brittle n muscles lose their strength. My msg is 1)Rise above these notions n get into some fitness activity, RUNNING being the most natural n instinctive, n also the cheapest sport if you choose.

So friends, particularly dear women, rise above the pre-conditionings that our existence is designed only for homes, families n kitchens; NO NEED TO STOP your "womanly" duties; Just believe 1 HOUR OUT OF 24 for your own self is not impossible. Also, dear "senior citizens" transform yourselves into MATURE CITIZENS and accept the smallest challenge of 2k for just 15 days in a month. Begin by walking, then jog, run and experience the JOY! Be a part of #IndiaRunnerMonthlyChallenge #IndiaRunner Thank you. ❤

Inspiring Stories - Alpesh (Mumbai)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I am enjoying monthly walking challenge and i am able to put off 12+ kg weight.

I must appreciate efforts of indiarunners team for creating fitness awareness by organising various monthly events like Walkathon, Marathon and Cycling . I have participated in 2K Walkathon since September'18. I can see difference in me after 3 month and my health and fitness improved. Thanks for that.

Inspiring Stories - Atmaban Debgupta (Orissa)

Inspiring Participant Stories

When we talk about running, we generally consider physical fitness and weight loss. But my story is a bit different.

I has been fighting against depression. I tried to cope up with the condition on my own. I tried pranayam and yoga without much help. I started running. ( Let me tell you friends I am 35 yrs old, lazy fellow. I never ran or jog or do any physical activity before this ) After running for few days I found a dramatic change in my mind. I felt energetic. But I could not continue running on a regular basis as two two factors are missing

1. Co-runner for accompany as I am presently staying at very less populated place

2. Sustained motivation.

To bring some sort of motivation in me, I was surfing internet for running events around my location. Didn't find any. But to my greatest fortune I found Indiarunner virtual runner. I had no idea of virtual run before that. Yes, friend India Runner become my best running companion who motivates me and In fact challenges me to beat younger guys in terms of running. Yes I am quite fine now. Thanks to India Runner. Running could kill depression friend. Its a fact. I am an example.

Inspiring Stories - Manoj Ghorepade (Gujrat)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I am Manoj Ghorpade. Started my running journey at 40. I use to walk 2/3 times in a week and then slowly started running . I use to run 2~3kms initially.

Now I run 8~10 kms daily. I use to weigh 95 kms and have now reduced to 82 kms.

Monthly running challenge is really good and it.motivates you to run daily. Anything which you do for 21 days consistently becomes habit and part of that's how India Runner is giving platform for we runners to run everyday, anywhere and any time. I am associated with Indian Runners from.Nov 18 onwards and is running everyday for last 9 months.... India Runner is giving us platform to explore our inner strength, will power and ability. Some sort of motivation is required to continue the good work..which India Runners are doing.

So far I have completed 4 full Marathons, 15 HM and taken a challenge of 365 days run. I do Dualthon and Triathlons as well.

Thanks to India Runners , Mr. Naveen Jain who is engage in developing healthy India...All the best!!

Inspiring Stories - Manoj Gupta (Hyderabad)

Inspiring Participant Stories

I am Manoj Gupta from Hyderabad. First of all kudos for the efforts that you are putting in Running and thanks for such a nice initiative. It is encouraging folks like me to keep Running and giving us very good reason to remain consistent apart from other health benefits. Appreciated.

Inspiring Stories - Sowmya Anand (Mumbai)

Inspiring Participant Stories

It has been nice participating with India Runner since March..completed two 21k and two 10k challenges so far.. Running was my passion from childhood..Became a part of Pinkathon from 2015 and a member of Nerul ,Navi Mumbai group.. These virtual runs are with flexible timings ..anywhere..anyday..anytime is really very convenient factor.. Iam 38 yrs old and a homemaker..such challenges helps me to keep my passion alive and motivates a lot. Thanks for the T shirt..two more runs pending to achieve the inspiration challenge trophy. Thanks


Inspiring Participant Stories

I'm also busy with my work and training programs and saw days, months, years passing out and as sedentary life style I have started gaining weight and started walking. Generally when I used to go to the gym, we're always advised to use it only for 10 mins and let others also use it. In 10 mins, how far we can go? the cardio training always based on the age, fitness levels, ability and strength. So some people would be good with walking and some with running &few with Sprinting. Don't have much time to go through distance wise. same applied mostly on all cardio equipment in many gym's. I always wanted to do but failed, in distance pace.

One fine day I saw this India runner marathon challenge. Just want to try it as earlier I have gone through the 5k,10k, 21k one day challenges but this is different. Monthly 21 or 15 days challenges. I know it needs patience, physical challenge. I just wanted to check my ability and capacity. Decided to go with the 2k run/jog challenge and started with good warm-up and started running ... Day 1 completed, day 2 .3..4..5....100 days ... going still... I understood that it's not physical but psychological too. its your mind, you have to motivate, control always so why late? take one step and try it know preparing 15days challenge with 5k jog/run marathon.

Inspiring Stories - MOHAMMED SAIFI (Mumbai)

Inspiring Participant Stories

In today's world, the life of almost every child revolves mostly around technology & gadgets. Children simply refuse to go out & play.

Outdoor sports such as cricket, football, basketball etc. are now played indoors on mobile phones & tablets. Our children are getting attracted towards 'Virtual Reality' & hence, they have started living in a 'Virtual' world! With a burger in one hand & a gadget in the other, our kids have become 'Couch Potatoes!'

Parents need to realise how important it is for children to be physically fit & hence, they should encourage their children to pursue any sport of their choice or simply just go out & play. According to me, participating in a marathon on a regular basis, is one of the best ways to keep ourselves physically fit, active, healthy & happy.

I thank Naveen Sir & the entire team of INDIA RUNNER for introducing 1Km, 2Km & 3Km JUNIORTHON for children below 16 years of age. Children can either run, jog, walk or even cycle.

Earlier, my son 'Mohammed' refused to walk even for a short distance. But now that he knows he will receive a medal & a certificate from INDIA RUNNER, he walks for 3Km without complaining. In fact, he enjoys walking. He also knows that if he continues to participate in JUNIORTHON for 6 months, he will receive a fabulous trophy. This is a highly motivating & encouraging initiative from INDIA RUNNER. Thank you so much!

By - Mrs Arwa Saifi (Mohammed Saifi's Mother)